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I purchased the Storm Warriors set, The Logbooks of Admiral Jake and Seaweed McTweed- Everyone Needs a Friend as present for Christmas. The recipients, my children and my friend, all really like their books, full of good advice and life lessons. Shi ... Read More

pping was super fast as well. Thank you !

This YA novel opens with a bang. Dynamic prose places the reader in the middle of the action. In a world of adventure and mysteries, Matey and her brother must traverse known and unknown dangers in order to find safety and a home. Nappa’s writing cap ... Read More

tures the cadence of the time. Whether a dialogue exchange, or a description of the lively historical period, Nappa makes it clear he did his homework, and his prowess with language is in full display in this genuinely fun YA novel. Piracy is familiar in children's and YA literature, and readers will find many expected tropes. These are evergreen characters, people, and stories that distill the longing to be in a world a little less domesticated. Nappa’s characters are as developed as his worldbuilding. From the Admiral to Matey, Buck and Gunther, the people that live in this world of adventure are as rich in agency as they are detailed in their motivations.

Storm Warriors ROCKS! Two words; impressed and touched. I just finished reading Storm Warriors and though it took a few minutes to get the tears to stop, I have to tell you I am 1) Impressed with the skills of the author...I was captivated from the ... Read More

beginning and looked forward with great anticipation each and every time I found the time to read more. 2) The story of Lionel Lukin, his loss, his success, his miracle was deeply touching, and the story within the story of Arthur and Edward was equally touching. "...brought here on a coach of your own making does this night come the answer to the ache of your broken heart." Simply amazing work Mr. Nappa....amazing indeed. I'm anxious to read the next installment.

Action and Adventure with a Provocative Message: Inspired by nineteenth-century heroics, this author's compelling story and vivid descriptions placed me in the center of an action-packed drama of conflict, loss, sacrificial love, and enduring coura ... Read More

ge. My senses were engaged while my mind pondered the making of a modern-day hero. In challenging, dangerous circumstances demanding personal sacrifice, how would I respond? In my view, a good book continues to echo its message within the heart long after the last page is read. Storm Warriors will!

Inspiring!! A call to action in your own life. It has been a long time since I have picked up a book that touches my heart so deeply that I am inspired to make changes in my own life. From the very beginning Jon Nappa captures your senses. So descri ... Read More

ptive, I felt as if I were on the rocking ships and sharing an ale with the Storm Warriors at Cannon's! I went from crying to cheering as I read this book without being able to set it down. In my opinion, the greatest accomplishment in the writing of this book is the question you are led to ask yourself. It is the same question Lionel Lukin asked, "Must it be that only by suffering personal tragedy will a man at last be moved to answer the cries around him?" (pg. 226) As I set it down, tears in my eyes, I realized that I must personally be a Storm Warrior and reach out to people who need me. We can all make a difference! With highest recommendation, I urge you to pick up this book and become absorbed in it!

One of the best historical fiction books that I have read.
What A Storm of A book!! Hold on as you read this one: I was submerged into raging storms and thrust onto ships battling Mother Nature herself from the very first page. I was swept up into this astonishing story that went from personal tragedy to G ... Read More

od's victory in Lionel Lunkin's life. This riveting story shows how the enemy wanted to destroy Lionel life but God helped him overcome many horrendous circumstances. His passion to save others from shipwrecks brought a community together in the most unlikely way. I love how Lionel talks to himself and says, "Now he wondered if it was an idea that had existed long before he had ever thought of it. Had he found it, or had it found him?" Lionel is definitely a 'Rocky Balboa' type of guy - fighting for something he believes in with his whole heart. The scripture about laying your life down for another becomes real to Lionel as he embarks on this new lot in life. While reading this book, I experienced the ocean and storms like I have never done before. Jon Nappa has a way of putting you in the middle of the action. He has one of his characters say this about the ocean, "...We didn't kill your family. The sea rules the coast. The sea decides who lives and who dies. It's the way of things..." Because Jon's story was based on real life events I couldn't stop thinking about the characters and circumstances long after reading the very last page. Jon's story will change the way you look at lifeboats and life situations forever. Finding Hope Through Fiction.

This was the sweetest, saddest book I’ve read all month. (I do realize that the month has just begun but it will still probably be the best book I read all month.) It starts with a young family traveling through a stormy sea. Tho the captain tried hi ... Read More

s best, the ship runs against The Sands. The captain, crew, and family struggle to survive but most of the crew, and the wife and son, are washed away. In desperation, the captain of the ship struggles to save his last passenger. He stabs the man’s hand, albeit accidentally, to the mast. It was this act alone that saved the man and he was washed on shore along with the mast. A kindly, young sailor helps the man to the Reverend’s house where he is nursed back to health. The man, devastated by his loss, determines that no family should have to go through what he went through. I confess that I cried at certain parts in this book. I felt the man’s grief and anger at the loss of life that the sailors accepted as everyday occurrence. Read this book. Just. Read. It.

A wonderful read. I knew almost nothing of Longfellow before I read this book, and now I not only know about his life and works, but Longfellow as a person, a human. The book flows easily from page to page as Longfellow not only leads us along his l ... Read More

ife, but gives us his thoughts, feelings and insights. I highly recommend this wonderful book that tells us the life story of an incredible man and his world from the inside looking out.

This book is fantastic. You feel that Jon Nappa is actually Longfellow. I highly recommend.
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